Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Thoughts on the Pancake Theory

The Pancake Theory is the theory that the WTC Towers turned into dust because fire weakened the steel support columns, which allowed the floors of the buildings to fall on top of each other, turning the concrete floors into dust. Certainly, there is no disputing that the buildings were turned into dust.

So far as I know, no one has yet remarked publicly that according to this theory, each concrete floor, by falling twelve feet onto the next floor, turned both that floor and itself into dust. It is apparent from the photography and videography that the dust originated not at the street level of the buildings, when all the falling mass arrived on the earth, but rather floor by floor.
Thus the theory postulates that most of the concrete floors were turned into powder, not by concrete falling on them, but by concrete powder falling on them.

Added July 5, 2005:

Further reading and listening has shown me that the claim of novelty for the above thoughts is somewhat exaggerated. However, I have decided to leave them in place because I think that even a slightly different presentation of the same facts will increase the liklihood of their striking someone as significant.


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