Monday, August 29, 2005

This Blog

I note for posterity the fact that this blog is quite untypical. In particular, it is intended as more of a webpage than a blog. That is because of my peculiar disinclination to speak when I have nothing to say.

In my humble opinion, the twenty-first century does not need a Pepys. And even if it did, there are many others better suited to the job than I.

What this means for readers, should there eventually be some, is that a new entry is not to be expected every day, or every anything. This is a serial, not a periodical, and new material will appear when it is ready. Since this often means: when I have finished another book or two, readers are advised not to hold their breath.

Another thing: given the choice (and I have been given the choice) whether to add a new entry on a previous subject or emend the original entry, I shall probably more often than not emend. This may well result in an entry's referring to events which follow the date of original posting, which (as I understand it) does not change when the post is edited.

Generally speaking, I will publish more general reflections here, and more specifically 9/11 information on the Mensa 9/11 website, at


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