Friday, June 17, 2005

Did the Towers Collapse?

Images of the Towers being struck on 9/11 were played and replayed continually on TV for a brief period, then disappeared never to return. Images of the Towers coming down were not, at least in my memory, nearly so prominent. [In fact, I have learned, they were shown only once.]

We have all seen (pictures, at least) collapsed buildings. Think of the ones you have seen. Did any of them look like what was left of the Towers? In fact, yes, the ones brought down by controlled demolition looked like that, but not ones that just fell down, or, as one says, collapsed. When we say that the Towers collapsed, we speak popularly, but not accurately. Saying that they collapsed reinforces people in their belief that the Towers fell down. Their sketchy memory of the sight is labelled with the word 'collapse', which then takes on an evidentiary force.

In fact, the Towers did not collapse, they disintegrated, floor by floor, from the top down.

We have all seen buildings crumble too, but always from the bottom up, when they fell into their footprint as a result of the carefully designed explosion. In the case of the Towers, having them crumble from the bottom up, that is, disintegrate at the bottom and allow the building to disappear into the disintegration, like Building 7 and every other controlled demolition, would have been a bit much.

Go to Click on Cinema Explosif' on the left. Then look at the videos of the Southward Towers (second row, third left) and the Schuykill Falls Tower (second row, fourth right). Watch the puffs of smoke come out before the buildings move. Then compare that with Hufschmid's video, Painful Deceptions, and watch the same puffs come out of the WTC Towers.


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